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Define the Motion System

Imaging applications can require intensive engineering due to typically high dynamic performance requirements. Aerotech has the market knowledge and expertise to help customers define and understand how the motion system will work in their application and to recommend an appropriate motion control solution to meet their needs based on the imager capabilities and the process throughput desired.

Features - Take Your Pick

Aerotech`s Automation 3200 controller provides advanced trajectory generation and multi-block look-ahead features to allow for efficient motion scans and reduced dynamic error. We offer both air- and mechanical bearing system design with precision alignment and near-zero pitch and yaw error motion. Aerotech`s low latency PSO (Position Synchronized Output) firing capability allows outstanding control and flexibility for image writing techniques. In addition, we include all customer-required cables, air hoses, etc. in our Cable Management System bundle - both ends are fully connectorized for simple integration into the overall machine, saving you time and money.

Unsurpassed Performance

Aerotech offers the imaging industry unsurpassed performance in not only linear and rotary motion but also fluid and flexible motion control. We apply decades of precision positioning success toward every machine`s design and fabrication, allowing our customers the opportunity to leverage this advantage toward their own products and systems. We are confident that our depth of experience in the imaging industry will translate into the highest possible imaging system performance as well as lowest cost of ownership.

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