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FiberGrate 2000
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FiberGrate 2000 Fiber Optics Subsystem




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Feedback and Control System

Aerotech`s LZR series laser interferometers provide high stability, high resolution (0.3 nm) feedback. Designed for use with Aerotech`s Automation 3200 series controller, the interface between the interferometer and control systems is seamless. The laser is positioned at the height of the fiber and mask to eliminate Abbe error, resulting in exceptional accuracy. For less stringent applications, two different noncontact linear encoders (2 nm or 10 nm resolution) are offered. A wide selection of state-of-the-art controllers are available. Options range from single-axis, stand-alone controllers to the Automation 3200 software-only controller capable of 32 axes of synchronized control. All of Aerotech`s controllers offer position synchronized output pulses to control the laser. In addition, real-time position information may be logged on-board the controller, or read over high-speed parallel or serial interfaces.


The FiberGrate may be configured with standard or custom granite, as well as vibration isolation systems. Additional indexing axes are available and are readily interfaced with the control and drive system. Convenient rack- or panelmount amplifiers are included with all systems. All systems have provisions for customer cabling.

Aerotech`s expert technical staff is experienced in custom system designs and will work with you to generate a system to meet the unique needs of your application.

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